Desktop IDE

Monokle Desktop is the only IDE dedicated to high-quality Kubernetes YAML configurations

Explore, Create and Validate K8s YAML resources and their relationships using k8s-aware editors, validation engines and visualisation components

Connect to your Clusters to inspect, troubleshoot and fix live resources.

Dry-run Helm Charts and Kustomize Overlays to debug and validate their output before committing or deploying them

Take the pain out of K8s manifest creation and exploration


  • Low to no-YAML resource generation
  • Leverage Templates for easy and consistent resource creation
  • Direct resource editing with Forms and k8s aware source editors
  • Use Schemas and CRDs for additional resource generation


  • Quickly see the differences across Git branches and/or repositories
  • Compare resources across namespaces and clusters
  • Identify and understand the differences between your local configuration and what's running in cluster

Validate your K8s templates and resources before you commit


  • Real-time visibility of validation and configuration errors and policy compliance with provided context for faster troubleshooting
  • Set up custom validation policies in line with your project or team requirements
  • Hook the output of any CLI tool into Monokles validation capabilities

End-to-End Tools To Support Entire Manifest Lifecycle

  • Create K8s YAML configurations usong templates and CRDs
  • Compare & preview K8s resources, including dry-runs of Helm and Kustomize
  • Analyze resource relationships, configurations, & policy compliance in the pre-deployment stage
  • Commit to Git and automate deployment workflows
  • Inspect and manage cluster

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