Empower your teams to consistently deploy quality configurations to Kubernetes.

Visualize and enforce pre-built and custom policies online and within your pull requests.

Stop losing time with security, performance and compliance issues in production.

Take the guesswork out of Pull Request approvals

Knowing whether to approve or reject a PR containing complex K8s configurations can be stressful - especially when pressing "merge" actually means "deploy".

  • Policies that come into effect at admission time give feedback too late.
  • Why wait? With Monokle Cloud Policy IDE, quickly preview your validation status before any merging takes place and deploy with confidence.

Achieving quality deployments has never been easier.

Simplify your K8s Configuration Workflows

Step 1

Set up your validation policy in Monokle Cloud

Step 2

Open a pull request with your k8s configurations

Step 3

Monokle Cloud automatically validates all your resources and comments on the PR with validation errors and links

Step 4

Click on links to go right into the Monokle Cloud IDE

Step 5

Review and fix errors

Step 6

Push changes to PR branch with 1 click

Step 7

Monokle validates again and approves your fixes.
You are ready to merge!

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