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How do I get my Kubernetes Deployment to work on the first try?

It is not possible to create Deployment artifacts that work on the first try, but Monokle can help you to reduce the number of tries it takes to reach that objective.Monokle provides:

  • YAML validation and forms, that will help you create proper YAML files and commit less errors
  • Kubernetes schemas validations, to make sure that the proper API versions are created and your valid YAML files are also valid Kubernetes manifests
  • Link management, that provide information about what objects reference other objects and whether those links are broken
  • Image list, to make sure that the images used are valid and installed on cluster
  • OPA validations in real time, that can help you verify that your configuration follows the required policies.
Is Monokle Cloud free?

Monokle Cloud is a SaaS offering with a free tier. Currently, all features are free, but in the future we will be adding paid functionality on top of that free tier. We are still deciding the best cluster management and additional features for that. You can use Monokle Desktop if you need a fully open source version.

Is Monokle Desktop open source?

Yes, Monokle Core and Monokle Desktop are fully open source under the MIT license. Monokle Cloud contributes heavily to both Desktop and Core, but we don’t publish its code. If you are involved in GitOps or other DevOps related fields, we welcome feedback and ask that you get in touch with us!

What is the difference between Monokle Desktop and MonokleCloud?

Monokle Desktop is an application that you can download and install locally. It provides full editing of your configuration and basic cluster management. Monokle Cloud is a SaaS application that can be used without installation. It uses GitHub as the basis for the configuration and authentication, and allows users to view validations online and share them with other members of the team. It also offers a GitHub action that can be used as part of your GitOps workflow.

Open Source with Commercial Support

Many teams are already using Monokle Desktop and we understand that each company has different Kubernetes workflow requirements.
For companies with the need to scale deployment workflows and/or teams, customize or add specific features, manage dispersed teams, or any other related challenge, Monokle Desktop offers Commercial Service.
We provide you with a tailored plan that adapts to your needs and grows with your projects and teams based on your business goals.

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