About Us

From resource creation to deployment, Monokle's got you covered

Our Journey

Monokle began like most good ideas do, when our founder, Ole, was struggling with Kubernetes.

The constant patchwork of tools one had to use made your eyes cross. And no one was loving YAML ...

So Ole rallied the team and embarked on Kubeshop's first open source tool development journey. Monokle simply loved YAML so no one else had to. And now there is also a cloud-based IDE for policy enforcement.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was just one tool – a “Manifest IDE” – that can help with the entire Kubernetes lifecycle in a well integrated and consistent way ... ?
Ole Lensmar

The name itself derived from our singular focus on making Dev's lives easier, and zooming in on any errors or inefficiencies that could hinder smooth deployments.

We act as your eyes for your clusters and manifests, so you can use yours on more important things.

Our mission

Our mission is to make Kubernetes YAML manifests more accessible and easier to use.

We believe that by providing a visual editor for Kubernetes YAML manifests, we can help developers be more productive and build better applications.

We're your K8s Configuration Control Plane

For Platform Engineers

Define configuration guardrails for your teams to ensure consistency and compliance.

For DevOps

Enforce centrally defined policies as part of your PR workflows.


Monokle is built on top of the open-source Kubernetes Dashboard, and has both an advanced, paid version and an open source version.

Our Team

Monokle is developed by a team of experienced Kubernetes engineers and developers.

We are passionate about Kubernetes and we are committed to providing the best possible tool for managing Kubernetes YAML manifests.