Monokle Monthly Newsletter - April 2023

Apr 7, 2023
4 min
Cortney Nickerson
Developer Advocate

A more powerful version of our Cloud IDE for Policy Enforcement and a faster experience when connecting Desktop to your clusters are on their way.

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## What’s new for Monokle?🧐

Learning in public is hard.

As many of you know, the development of our Monokle Desktop project has been progressing at a lightning pace for some time. In striving to make happy users even happier, we made zealous efforts to roll out new features. 

Sadly, we got carried away and unintentionally rolled out a few quality and performance issues, too. We're so sorry our users have felt this pain. 

Our team is working non-stop to get our quality and performance back on track so you can enjoy everything Monokle offers. We’re thankful for the support our community is giving us as we progress. 

We’ve already fixed over 30 issues and have more fixes rolling out soon. Stay up to date with [our progress]( and let us know if we’ve missed anything. 

What’s coming?

- **A more powerful version of our Cloud IDE for Policy Enforcement.** Our free browser-based IDE will make it even easier to hook validations into your GitOps workflow with a GitHub Bot and better overall visibility of resources and team functions with a new Graph View.

- **A faster experience when connecting Desktop to your clusters.** Along with a massive performance overhaul that is in the works, Desktop users will enjoy an improved Cluster Insights Interface and Multiple Files Editor along with advanced capabilities for creating Helm charts and Kustomize overlays.

If you don’t see something you want or if you have an idea of how we can make Monokle fit your specific use case better, get in touch! Book a [30 min meeting]( with us or chat with our team via [Discord](

## Community & Events 

Did you miss our latest events and articles? No worries. Get your popcorn ready and settle in for some quality time with us.

- [CNCF On-demand Webinar](

Designing and Implementing Toolchains in the Cloud Native Era: A Platform 

Engineer’s Perspective

- [GitHub OSS Friday Spotlight](

Kubernetes YAML Manifests Made Easy

- [WeMakeDevs Twitterspace with Kunal Kushwaha](

Managing Kubernetes YAML Manifest with Monokle Cloud IDE + CLI

- [Developer Guardrails with Custom Resource Validators]( by Wito Delnat

## Join Monthly Monokle Community Calls

On the final Tuesday of each month, our team hosts a short live stream event to share our work, collaborations, and monthly progress with our user community and answer any questions you might have.

Check out our [latest episode]( and be sure to follow us on [LinkedIn](, [Twitter](, or [YouTube]( for Community Call updates and event reminders.

## Save the date🗓️

## Tell👏us👏 like👏it👏is!

We’re always looking for user contributions, feedback – **and reasons to give away some swag!**

- Complete our in-app feedback form and include your email or help us complete any task marked as a good first issue. **Get a Monokle sticker!**

- Create a new feature request on Github or reach out on Discord and tell us what you need to convert into a Monokle groupie. **Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers!**

- Book a [30 min meeting]( with our team. Tell us what you think about our latest release. **Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers + PLUSHIE!!**

Until next time, happy YAML-ing...

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