End of Life Announcement for Monokle Cloud

Apr 17, 2024
1 min
Ole Lensmar

All Monokle Open-Source products WILL continue to exist in their corresponding GitHub repos but support for the commercial Monokle Cloud application is ending.

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Dear Monokle Cloud Community and users,

After careful consideration, we have decided to end support for the commercial Monokle Cloud application. This was obviously not an easy decision, as we have invested a lot of time and passion into its development, and watching our community of users grow has been a true pleasure. However, the level of adoption has not reached a point that makes it sustainable for us to continue investing in the product going forward.

Monokle Cloud and the accompanying GitHub app will be shut down over the coming weeks and the monokle.io website will be updated accordingly. All Monokle Open-Source products will continue to exist in their corresponding GitHub repos and we will roll out updates that decouple them from the Cloud offering. This includes

As before, these tools still make for a powerful standalone Kubernetes policy enforcement pipeline – which is widely adopted and 100% Open Source.

We want to thank all our users for your support and trust in Monokle Cloud, it has been a pleasure to work with you. YAML on ... ! :-)

Kind regards,

The Monokle Cloud Team

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