Kubernetes Policies Made Easy

Simplify Your Kubernetes Journey

The Challenge of Kubernetes Adoption

Kubernetes, with its cloud-native architecture and YAML-driven configurations, presents significant challenges. Among the most pressing is ensuring YAML configurations are secure, compliant, and correctly crafted. This is where Monokle steps in.

Beyond Basic Linting Tools and Admission Controllers

Discover why local linting tools and IDE plugins are insufficient. Learn about the limitations of cluster-based policy tools and the complexity they add.

Introducing Monokle

Monokle is your all-in-one solution for Kubernetes policy enforcement, offering a straightforward way to implement common-sense security policies and best practices without learning a new policy language.

  • Policy Enforcement: Includes Monokle VS-Code Extension, CLI, GitHub Bot and Action, Admission Controller, and Desktop application.
  • Policy Management Console: Manage policies via Monokle Cloud or Monokle Enterprise.
  • Configuration IDEs: Browser and desktop-based tools for identifying and fixing misconfigurations.

80+ Configuration Policy Rules

Start with over 80 pre-defined policy rules covering security, resource usage, metadata, Kubernetes version compliance, and more. Custom policy creation is also supported.

Advanced Configuration IDEs

Explore features like Hot Fixes, Real-time Policy Development, Dry-runs, Cluster Inspection, and more in Monokle's IDEs.

Lifecycle Policy Enforcement

See how Monokle integrates into every stage of development, from VS-Code extension to CLI, GitHub App/Bot, and Admission Controller.

Advanced Policy Capabilities

Learn about rule suppressions, custom validators, validation insights, policy composition, and Helm/Kustomize dry-run validations.

Centralized Policy Management

Monokle Cloud unifies policy management across your projects, ensuring consistency and offering advanced features for optimal policy usage.

Open Source Commitment

Monokle's core tools and validation plugin framework are open-source, offering a great way to start before scaling up with Monokle Cloud.

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