Monokle Desktop 2.3 Release Notes

Jul 6, 2023
3 mins
Catalin Hoha
Software Engineer

With a focus on improving your experience with Helm Charts and introducing Validation Plugins, Monokle Desktop 2.3 is here!

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Try Monokle Desktop Today

We’re excited to announce the release of Monokle Desktop version 2.3! This release is packed with enhancements to further streamline your Kubernetes configuration management while introducing new features sure to lighten your workload.

Helm Releases in Cluster Mode

Interact directly with Helm Releases from within your cluster with the latest version of Monokle Desktop. Building upon the successful introduction of the Helm Chart Explorer in version 2.2, we have expanded the functionality of Cluster Mode. Now, when you switch to Cluster Mode, you will notice a new "Helm Charts" section in the left accordion menu. This section provides a comprehensive overview of all installed Helm Charts in your cluster.

Helm Chart Information Panel

Clicking on a Helm Chart in the Helm Charts section will open an information panel that presents detailed insights and actions for the selected chart. The information panel features a header with three actions:

1. Dry-run Update: Perform a dry-run update to simulate the changes that would occur when updating the Helm Chart without actually applying them. This allows you to assess the impact before committing any modifications.

2. Update: Trigger an update for the selected Helm Chart and automate the application of changes in the chart to your cluster based on the newest version or modified configuration.

3. Uninstall: Seamlessly uninstall unused or old versions of Helm Charts removing all associated resources and free up cluster resources as you go.

Tabs for Comprehensive Chart Analysis

The information panel includes several tabs that provide a deeper understanding of the Helm Chart and its associated resources:

- Cluster Resources tab: View a table listing all the resources created and managed by the selected Helm Chart. This gives you a clear overview of the chart's impact on your cluster.

- Revision History tab: Access a table displaying the revision history of the Helm Chart, allowing you to track changes made over time and making it easy to revert back to a specific version if needed.

- Release Values tab: Explore a read-only editor containing the Values File used to deploy the release. This allows you to review the configuration settings applied during installation.

- Release Manifests tab: Examine a read-only editor displaying all the YAML manifests associated with the deployed resources. This provides a comprehensive view of the resources created by the Helm Chart.

- Release Hooks tab: Review the code of release hooks, which can contain scripts or actions executed during various stages of the Helm Chart lifecycle.

- Release Notes tab: Access the release notes associated with the Helm Chart, providing insights into the changes, updates, and important information related to the release.

Validation Plugins

In version 2.3, we introduce a powerful new feature called Validation Plugins. With Validation Plugins, you can extend the capabilities of Monokle Desktop by installing community-contributed plugins that provide additional rules for configuration validation. You can easily install these plugins from the Validation Settings panel.

Expand Your Validation Capabilities

Each Validation Plugin brings a set of rules that can be enabled or disabled based on your specific requirements. You can configure these rules to be treated as warnings or errors, ensuring that misconfigurations are highlighted and addressed promptly. 

The Validation Plugins are publicly available on GitHub at, where you can find and contribute new plugins to enrich the Monokle ecosystem.

In-App News Feed

We are excited to introduce the In-App News Feed feature in Monokle Desktop version 2.3. Staying up to date with the latest events, content, and releases is now easier than ever. The News Feed is conveniently located on the right side of the starting pages, providing you with timely and relevant information directly within the application.

Upgrade to Monokle Desktop 2.3 Now

Further enhance your Kubernetes configuration management experience with Monokle Desktop v2.3. The new features aim to streamline your workflow, improve collaboration, and ensure high-quality deployments.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and welcome any suggestions for future improvements. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the pipeline!

Note: Monokle Desktop 2.3 is an open-source application and free to use. Download Monokle Desktop now and join our growing community of developers, DevOps practitioners, SREs, and platform engineers. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Remember, at Monokle, we love YAML so you don't have to!

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