Monokle Desktop 2.1: We Continue to Love YAML So You Don’t Have To

May 11, 2023
3 min
Cortney Nickerson
Developer Advocate

We're thrilled to unveil Monokle Desktop v2.1, the latest major release of our open-source IDE that loves Kubernetes YAMLs more than any other.

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Try Monokle Desktop Today

[Monokle v2.1]( marks a significant milestone in our journey towards providing a smoother and more efficient user experience with a relentless focus on enhancing usability, improving quality and stability, while optimizing performance. We are delighted to share with you the exciting enhancements and updates that this version brings.

### Optimized YAML Editor

We understand that editor usability is key to providing an exceptional user experience. With Monokle 2.1, we have substantially improved the user interface by reworking our K8s aware YAML Editor to provide better context-sensitive feedback and make it more responsive when editing manifests, Kustomize overlays, and Helm Charts. You will find an intuitive and more refined manifest-aware editor, making it easier to leverage the power of Monokle to conquer all of your manifest editing needs. 

Context-sensitive feedback is clear and visible allowing for quicker and more responsive YAML manifest edits to be done directly from Monokle's manifest-aware editor.

## Better Cluster Connection

Monokle 2.1 improves greatly on its ability to connect to your clusters for inspecting and troubleshooting cluster resources and applications alongside working with your local YAML manifests and templates.

Connect to your cluster with ease to quickly inspect and troubleshoot deployed resources.

Once connected, the UX for browsing, validating, troubleshooting and hot-fixing your cluster resources has been much improved in regard to both stability and performance - making your cluster management tasks smoother than ever before.

Monokle's updated cluster connection allows for seamless cluster management including browsing, validating, and troubleshooting cluster resources.

## Supercharged Kubernetes YAML Validation 

The YAML validation functionality in Monokle has been fine-tuned and runs well with large (1000+) sets of resources. Get real-time Schema, Link, and Open Policy Agent (OPA security and resource usage) validation while editing your local resources and browsing your clusters. Correctly configure and validate your YAML manifests before moving to commit/deploy and find what needs to be adjusted in already running applications to comply with security and resource standards in your team or organization.

Monokle's validation engine provides real-time visibility of all issues including policy errors to help employ best security practices and attain higher quality deployments.

## Improved Graph View and Resource Link Identification

Understanding the relationships and dependencies between your resources is key to building and troubleshooting complex applications - and the performance enhancements in Monokle 2.1 greatly improve both link identification and visualization. The newly introduced Graph View now gives you an even more accurate visualization of your resources and their relationships - be it for the dry-run of a Helm Chart or Kustomize Overlay - or for resources already running in your cluster.

Monokle's visual UI helps understand, evaluate, and troubleshoot resource relationships and dependencies before deploying as well as in production.

The GraphView is now also available from various context menus - allowing you to drill down when you need to: 

## Quality Improvements and Product Stability

We spent just over a year rolling out new features according to the demands of our user base and while we know functionality is key, we also know that our Monokle Community deserves a flawless experience when using our tool and that your productivity depends on us. With this in mind, we dedicated a good portion of our energy in this release to improving the quality and stability of Monokle. We have diligently addressed numerous issues to offer a more reliable and robust software solution. We are confident that you will experience fewer disruptions and enjoy a higher level of product stability - and if you don’t, please let us know on [LinkedIn](, [Twitter](, [GitHub](, or [Discord](

## Performance Refactoring

Monokle 2.1 also introduces a comprehensive performance refactoring, designed to optimize resource utilization and enhance overall system efficiency when working with large projects and clusters. We have meticulously analyzed and fine-tuned the underlying codebase, resulting in significant performance improvements across the board. You can expect faster response times, reduced latency, and an overall smoother user experience when using Monokle.

## All Reported User Issues Fixed

At Monokle, we take pride in listening to our user community and promptly addressing their concerns. This release has tackled all reported issues, ensuring that Monokle 2.1 provides a seamless experience without any known user-related problems. We greatly appreciate the invaluable feedback and bug reports received from our users, and we are excited to deliver a version of Monokle that exceeds your expectations.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our incredible community for their ongoing support and collaboration. Your contributions, bug reports, and feature requests have been instrumental in shaping Monokle Desktop and making it the best it can be.

[Download]( Monokle 2.1 today and experience enhanced quality, improved stability, optimized performance, and a smoother user experience for yourself. We can't wait to see what you will accomplish with Monokle!

Happy YAMLing,

The Monokle Desktop Team

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