Monokle Desktop v2.2 Release Notes

Jun 7, 2023
4 min
Cortney Nickerson
Developer Advocate

Introducing AI-Assisted YAML Resource Creation and Simplified Helm Chart Exploration

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Monokle Desktop, an open source IDE completely dedicated to helping users create high-quality Kubernetes configurations is happy to announce our latest v2.2 release. This release includes: 

  • AI-assisted YAML manifest creation for faster, easier resource creation
  • Helm Explorer which provides a way to discover and install Helm Charts
  • Enhanced Cluster features including enhanced log readability, Cluster Management Quick Actions, and addition of Graph View to Cluster Dashboard

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what Monokle Desktop v2.2 offers.

AI-Assisted YAML Resource Creation

At Monokle, we love YAML so you don’t have to. Because of this, our Monokle Desktop team is excited about the addition of AI-Assisted YAML Resource Creation as the latest feature of our ever-growing open source project.

By leveraging the power of OpenAI’s GPT models, we look to reduce the manual effort needed to create YAML manifests making the initial process quick, easy, and dare we say fun?!

Monokle's AI-assisted YAML resource creator.

From AI-Powered Prompting To Resource Generation and Inspection

Monokle’s AI-Assisted Resource Creation feature helps craft, generate, and inspect Kubernetes resources. 

With our multi-line text input field, you can use intuitive prompts to articulate requirements in a clear, straightforward way. A simple description of object kind, necessary properties, and relationships quickly create different YAML manifests including ConfigMaps, Deployments, and Services. 

Once you've provided the prompts, the AI engine springs into action, leveraging all prompt details and basic Kubernetes best practices to employ resource configurations so you can swiftly generate YAML documents that align with the given specifications. At this point, the generated YAML is ready for inspection, enabling you to review and validate all AI-generated resources before deciding to use them in your Kubernetes deployments.

Saving and Deploying YAML Resources

Upon reviewing the generated YAML resource, you are given the option of saving create resources directly to your current project in Monokle. This streamlined process allows for easy organization and future reference. Subsequently, you can easily deploy the saved resources to your target cluster, ensuring swift and reliable application configuration and deployment.

Intelligent Validation and Error Correction

Monokle goes the extra mile to ensure the utmost quality of your generated YAML configurations. Leveraging its comprehensive policy engine, Monokle validates the output from the AI generation against a range of configurable policies and automatically prompts ChatGPT to remediate any found errors, resulting in resources that are directly compliant with any validation policies you have enabled in your project.
This intelligent validation and error correction mechanism significantly enhances the adherence of your resources to industry best practices, ensuring optimization and correct configuration. 

Helm Chart Explorer: Search, Inspect, Use and Manage Helm Charts with Ease

This highly anticipated addition to our Desktop IDE empowers you to search, inspect, and use Helm Charts in your local projects and Kubernetes clusters. 

Effortless Chart Browsing and Search

Discovering Helm Charts has never been easier. The Chart Explorer provides a dedicated panel that allows you to browse through a comprehensive collection of charts available in your configured repositories. Looking for a specific chart? Fear not! Use our new search functionality to quickly find the chart you need by name.

Leverage Monokle's Charts Explorer to search and find Helm charts by name.

Comprehensive Chart Information

Once you've found a chart that catches your interest, Chart Explorer presents a comprehensive information panel for in-depth exploration. Just like the image details panel, this feature-rich display offers an array of essential information about the chart, including descriptions, templates, values files, and more allowing you to gain insights into each chart before making any installation decisions.

View details about specific Helm charts including descriptions, templates, values files, and more to gain insights into each chart before making installation decisions.

Flexible Installation Options

The Chart Explorer equips you with flexible installation options to suit your deployment needs. If you're ready to install a chart into your active cluster, simply click the "Install" action. Next, specify the desired namespace and let our Helm integration take care of the rest. Alternatively, if you prefer to download the chart locally for future use or further development, the "Download" action allows you to save your downloaded charts to the folder of your choice where it can be dry-run and tried out with different values files and Helm settings.

Manage Chart Repositories

The Chart Explorer enables you to configure repositories by adding or removing them as needed. Keep your chart sources up to date and ensure you have access to the latest and most reliable charts available.

Helm chart management made easy: configure Helm chart repositories and keep charts sources up to date ensuring access to the latest and most reliable charts.

Other Notable Additions and Enhancements

In addition to the AI-Assisted Resource Creation and Helm Chart Explorer features, this Monokle Desktop release introduces several notable improvements to enhance your Kubernetes management experience.

Sample Project for Easy Exploration

Get started with Kubernetes and quickly explore Monokle's capabilities with our "Sample Project'' option. This pre-configured project provides a comprehensive set of Kubernetes objects, allowing you to learn more about Kubernetes resource validations through Monokle's feature set.

Explore Monokle's capabilities with our pre-configured "Sample Project.''

Enhanced Pod Log Readability and Searches

We've made reading and navigating Kubernetes pod logs more straightforward. Monokle has improved pod log readability, ensuring a smooth debugging experience. Additionally, we've added a convenient search input for pod logs, enabling you to quickly locate specific entries and streamline troubleshooting.

Quick Actions for Cluster Management

Managing your cluster is more efficient. When selecting a Deployment in the cluster mode, Monokle provides a set of quick actions at your fingertips. With options like Scale, Restart, and Delete, you can apply changes to your cluster resources, simplifying day-to-day operations.

Graph View in the Cluster Dashboard

By introducing the Graph View in the Cluster Dashboard, you can better understand resource relationships by visualizing the connections between Kubernetes objects. Simply select any object, and Monokle will generate a graph, revealing how it relates to other resources in your cluster. Gain deeper insights into your infrastructure with a single glance.

Leverage Graph View from the Cluster Insights dashboard for a comprehensive view of resource relationships.

Bug Fixes and External Contributions

In our commitment to delivering a flawless user experience, we have addressed multiple bugs and issues reported by our user community. These fixes ensure a smoother and more reliable Monokle journey. 

Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to Ayush, an external contributor who worked diligently to contribute three invaluable pull requests. Ayush's contributions introduced a quick search filter for the projects list, style changes for the validation configuration, and various UI fixes, enhancing Monokle's functionality and aesthetics. 

We Want to Hear from You. Share Your Kubernetes Journey with Us

Download Monokle v2.2 to get started.

At Monokle, we are thrilled to bring you these new features and enhancements designed to empower your Kubernetes journey. We value your feedback and want to understand how Monokle can further assist you in your day-to-day work with Kubernetes. We encourage you to reach out, share your experiences, contribute to our community, and share how Monokle has made an impact on your Kubernetes journey. Together, we can continue to shape and refine Monokle Desktop IDE, ensuring that it continues to grow in helping you to achieve high-quality Kubernetes configurations. 

Join the Monokle Community via Discord, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, learn more about what we have to offer at, and contribute to our open source project on GitHub.

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