Monokle Monthly Newsletter - December 2022

Dec 5, 2022
5 min
Cortney Nickerson
Developer Advocate

Read the first monthly Monokle newsletter - filled with news about Monokle CLI, updates, and more

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Try Monokle Desktop Today

Many of you are longtime Monokle friends and contributors. Others graced us with your presence in Detroit during our time at KubeCon NA. And some of you, are new to our Monokle community.

Whoever you are, however you found us, and for whatever time you’ve supported our project, thank you!!

## Product Updates & Roadmap

After speaking with so many users at KubeCon NA in October, we came back with valuable user feedback and got to work! Learn more about how we are [moving Monokle forward post-KubeCon]( in the words of our Product Manager, Sergio, and keep an eye on our [roadmap]( as it continues to develop. Here are some things we learned from our conversation with many of you at KubeCon:

- Teams continue to struggle to manage the complicated learning curve that comes with K8s adoption.

- Whether through GitOps, DevOps, or the addition of a Platform Engineer, everyone needs support and tooling to make deploying to Kubernetes faster and easier.

- The K8s Community is strong! Everyone is excited to collaborate, share, and grow together.

- Pre-deployment quality of Kubernetes manifests is becoming increasingly important as teams shift-left

- Abstraction layers for Kubernetes application configuration are gaining traction

## What’s new for Monokle?

### Monokle Desktop v1.13 Release

The latest version of our open source desktop tool goes live this week!Tune in to our [YouTube stream]( LIVE on December 13th!Main features coming your way include:

- A new Cluster Mode feature for easy, real-time cluster management

- Built-in Custom CRD creation capabilities

- Subfolder comparison to compare complex folders

### Monokle CLI is LIVE

[Monokle CLI]( is a one-stop solution to validate your Kubernetes YAMLs, consistently across teams and workflows, before you commit or deploy them to your cluster(s).With our CLI, you can validate and automatically configure all of the following actions:

- YAML syntax

- The schemas of your YAMLs against a configurable K8s version and set of CRDs

- Links/references between Kubernetes resources

- OPA rulesets

- Custom rules written in typescript

Read more about the Monokle ecosystem including Desktop, Cloud, and now CLI on [our blog](

### 700 Github stars and growing

We hit a big milestone last week when we received our 700th star on Github!

## Events

Save the date:

- **Monokle v1.13 Livestream & Demo** |
[See a demo of our newest features LIVE!](
Tuesday, December 13th at 1:00pm CET

- **Helm Community & Monokle** |
Learn how to leverage Monokle for easy visibility of Helm outputs lifecycle Thursday, December 15th at 9:30am PST / 6:30pm CET
[Zoom access]( | Passcode: 77777

- **Kubernetes Community Islamabad Virtual Workshop** |
Join this hands-on workshop to learn the complete Kubernetes validation lifecycle from Development to Deployment
Thursday, February 16th at 4:00pm CET


Open Source Cafe Podcast with Kunal Kushwaha - [Git-enabled K8s Configuration Editor & Version Control Tool](

## Community
**Big shoutout goes to [dipankardas011]( for his recent contributions to Monokle Desktop!

### Other Cool Stuff

## Tell us like it is
We’re always looking for user contributions, feedback – and reasons to give away some swag!

- Complete our in-app feedback form and include your email or help us complete any task marked as a good first issue. Get a Monokle sticker!

- Create a [new issue]( for a feature request on Github or reach out on [Discord]( and tell us what you need to convert into a Monokle groupie. Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers!

- Book a [30 min meeting]( with our team. Tell us what you think about our latest release. Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers + PLUSHIE!

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