Monokle Monthly Newsletter - January 2023

Jan 9, 2023
6 min
Cortney Nickerson
Developer Advocate

Check out all of the latest and greatest happenings in the Monokle world in our monthly newsletter!

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Try Monokle Desktop Today

f you’re not already in our Discord, [join us here]( to talk all things Monokle. Plus, keep your eyes open for the launch of our monthly office hours - coming soon!

Hello and Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉

2023: New Year, New Kubernetes Deployments

2022 was quite the adventure! 

Thanks to all our Monokle Friends, we’ve learned a lot and will continue to work hard to show our appreciation by using all of your feedback to grow.

We’re excited to ring in another year of opportunity, of connecting and collaborating as we build an ecosystem of tools to help folks of all knowledge levels succeed in deploying to Kubernetes.  

Monokle has a booth at Kubecon Kubernetes conference

# Product Updates & Roadmap🗺️

### Priority on Performance

Patience is a virtue that we don’t have so we’re not expecting you to have it either!

We’re working around the clock to get Monokle Desktop running faster and have made performance a priority in the upcoming weeks.

We hope to resolve performance issues progressively, and appreciate all of your help and support along the way!

### Update to Monokle v1.13.2 for Cluster Management

The latest version of [Monokle Desktop]( launched in December. If you’re just getting back into your daily grind post-holidays, be sure to update to v1.13.2 now.

Main features of this release include:

- Easy, real-time cluster management with our new Cluster Mode feature

- Built-in custom CRD creation capabilities

- Subfolder comparison for clear visibility of complex folders

## Monokle CLI is LIVE!

[Monokle CLI]( is a one-stop solution to validate your Kubernetes YAML, consistently across teams and workflows, before you commit or deploy them to your cluster(s).

With our CLI, you can validate and automatically configure all of the following actions: 

- YAML syntax

- The schemas of your YAMLs against a configurable K8s version and set of CRDs

- Links/references between Kubernetes resources

- OPA rulesets

- Custom rules written in typescript

[Read more]( about how Monokle CLI might just be the only YAML validator you’ll ever need!

# What’s new for Monokle?🧐

### Coming soon: Monokle Desktop UX Overhaul & Better Performance

This year, we’re making it a priority to adjust our UX, ensuring that you’re able to find and leverage all available features.

Our UX guru, Julio, has been hard at work designing a complete overhaul of Monokle’s UX. But as with everything we do, we want to get some input from our users to ensure that what we build gives you the best possible experience.

### Hey, any Dev’s wanna see a new UX?

- Book a [30 min meeting]( with our team and get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers + PLUSHIE!!

Changes to our UX will be unveiled in our upcoming 2.0 release! 

For those of you using Monokle for large projects, we’ve included some bug fixes and more streamlined performance.  

### ⭐750 Github stars and counting!⭐

Head over and become our [751st star on Github](!⭐  

## Events 

Save the date🗓️

- [Civo Navigate Conference]( | “Git” a Handle on it! A Scalable Approach to GitOps Configuration Patterns | Tuesday, February 7th 12:00pm - 12:25

- Kubernetes Community Islamabad Virtual Workshop | Join this hands-on workshop to learn the complete Kubernetes validation lifecycle from 

Development to Deployment | Thursday, February 16th 4:00pm CET

- [GitHub Open Source Friday]( | Friday, February 17th 9:30am PST / 6:30pm CET | Subscribe now!

## Replay 🔁

- **Helm Community & Monokle** - [Use Monokle for easy visibility of Helm output](

- **Learn Kubernetes Tools #60DaysOfDevOps with Bilal Khan** - [Day 30: Learn Monokle](

## Community👯📣

[Exploring Monokle — a desktop IDE to work with your Kubernetes manifests]( by Andrey Bessoltsin

## Tell👏us👏 like👏it👏is!

We’re always looking for user contributions, feedback – and reasons to give away some swag!

- Complete our in-app feedback form and include your email or help us complete any task marked as a good first issue. Get a Monokle sticker!

- Create a new feature request on Github or reach out on Discord and tell us what you need to convert into a Monokle groupie. Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers!

- Book a [30 min meeting]( with our team. Tell us what you think about our latest release. Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers + PLUSHIE !!

Until next time, happy YAML-ing!

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