Monokle Desktop Release Notes v1.12

Oct 24, 2022
3 min
Sergio Ocón Cárdenas
Product Manager

Are you ready to time travel through the lifecycle of your Kubernetes manifest deployments?

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Are you ready to time travel through the lifecycle of your Kubernetes deployments? 

Monokle Desktop is a Kubernetes configuration workbench that helps you navigate the complete lifecycle of your Kubernetes deployments from Development to Production. Our unified visual tool helps you author, analyze, and deploy Kubernetes resources giving you the context you need to  define their configuration in place, alleviating the pre-deployment stress factor associated with defining your production desired state.

With this release, our Monokle team is rolling out an enhancement in the git flow support that will allow you to time travel through the lifecycle of your Kubernetes manifests.

This, along with some small but powerful new features and improvements to our CRD Configuration, make this release unique and exciting.

## GitOps Time Travel

Identifying changes made across resources in a complex environment and how those changes affect your deployment can be a real pain point. Oftentimes, your team doesn't realize that the changes cause configuration errors until the changes have gone to production, they suffer a failed deployment or some other component start behaving badly, resulting in lost time trying to figure out what went wrong. In those situations, being able to go back in time can speed up the time to recover until a permanent solution can be found.

Monokle Desktop’s Compare & Sync solves this problem in most cases. In our v1.12 release, we’ve enhanced it by adding Git features allowing users to compare any and all past configurations stored in git history with current configurations, making it easy to identify the changes, helping teams to troubleshoot and validate all configurations in real-time. With the previsualization of generated resources, you can even compare it with the future result of your deployments.

Compare the resources from different branches, different commits, different clusters – compare literally everything to quickly identify the differences and optimize your workflow!

## Command Previews

Do you have a shell command that outputs YAML resources? Would you like to understand, validate, and visualize these resources quickly and easily?

Our new Command Previews allow you to preview all resources from the output of any shell command that has a YAML output containing Kubernetes resources. If your pipelines are complex, you can configure Monokle Desktop to generate exactly what you need to see.

All the features that Monokle has always made available during a Helm or Kustomize Preview are now available for Command Previews, too!

Let’s look at an example of a `kubectl` command that selects all Kubernetes Services and Deployments not in the default namespace and then outputs them as YAML:


kubectl get services,deployments --all-namespaces --field-selector metadata.namespace!=default -o yaml | yq ".items" | yq ".[] | split_doc"


We can save this command in Monokle by opening the Terminal and clicking on “Save Command”:

Which will open the following modal:

After saving the command, it will be available to use in the “Preview Saved Command” dropdown:

By clicking on the command, a Preview will start and you will be able to see the resources from that command in the Navigator:

By using this feature you can quickly see, understand, validate, and edit all shell command YAML outputs and the corresponding resources.

## Compare Command Previews

In addition to the ability to preview any command, you can also take the output of that preview and compare it to any other set of resources including local resources, cluster resources, Helm and/or Kustomize outputs, and Git commands.

By being able to compare commands, Monokle helps you visualize more complex workflows, extending through many steps, where before we could only show you a simplified version of the results.

## CRDs Configuration Improvements

Registering CRDs just became a lot simpler. By uploading local files in addition to , quickly create new custom resources using the context menu and simplify the process to 

## We want to hear from YOU!

We’re hard at work trying to build the best tool around to ensure Kubernetes deployment success!

We want to help Developers, Platform Engineers, DevOps and GitOps practitioners, and anybody else who is trying to deploy to Kubernetes succeed.

In order for us to build a workbench that will provide the most value to our users, we need your feedback and insights. We want to know what problems exist in your CI/CD pipeline that need solved so we can figure out how to make your life easier and less stressful.

So please, complete our in-app feedback form or reach out to us directly to our Product Manager at [](

We invite you to chat with our Dev Team on our [Discord Server]( and to follow us on [Twitter](, too!

As always, Monokle is entirely free and open-source complete with an [MIT license](

[Download]( for macOS, Linux, and Windows and get started today!

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