Monokle Desktop 1.13 Release Notes

Dec 7, 2022
3 min
Catalin Hoha
Software Engineer

Monokle v1.13 is here. We’ve got a fully dedicated Cluster Management Mode and a new “Compare & Sync” function.

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Try Monokle Desktop Today

We’ve got an early holiday present for you - Monokle v1.13 - with a fully dedicated Cluster Mode to make your day-to-day cluster-debugging tasks so much easier. We’re also adding a bunch of UX improvements and the possibility to compare folders in our “Compare & Sync” functionality.

Let’s dive right in to see what we’re so excited about.

## Cluster Mode

The new Cluster Mode in Monokle 1.13 provides real-time insights into the state of your clusters. Once connected to a cluster, the initial overview provides general information about its state and contained resources:

Cluster management mode

The navigation on the left makes it easy to select types of resources and see their individual state and properties:

Manage Kubernetes deployments

And the YAML for each resource can be easily viewed, modified and applied back to your cluster for quick fixes:

yaml file breakdown of resources

## Resource Validation in Cluster Mode

All existing validation functionality already available in Monokle is applied to the resources found in your cluster - making it easy to find resources that have validation warnings or errors - for example, in regard to the built-in OPA policies:

validation functionality

These errors are of course also highlighted in the source view - allowing you to immediately fix them and deploy the fixed resource back to your cluster.

highlighted errors in k8s

## Compare Subfolders

We have enhanced Monokle’s Compare & Sync feature with the addition of subfolder comparison capabilities, which is helpful when your main configuration folder structure is complex and contains multiple subfolders with different content for the same resources. For example, when you have a GitOps repository with different folders for each target environment.

Here we are comparing resources in the production and staging folders:

compare resources

## What’s next?

As always things could be even better, and we’re working hard to add:

- The ability to compare resources in different namespaces within a cluster.

- The ability to access pod logs from the Cluster Mode as is already possible in the navigator.

- The possibility to pause live-updates from your clusters.

- Any enhancements or bug fixes requested by our users!

### What is Monokle?

Monokle offers a set of tools to make your life working with Kubernetes configurations easier: an open-source desktop solution ([Monokle Desktop](, a hosted cloud solution ([Monokle Cloud]( and an open-source [Monokle CLI]( to be invoked from the command line. 

Monokle Desktop is a unified visual tool that helps you author, analyze and deploy Kubernetes resources, giving you the required context needed to define your resource configuration in place and alleviating pre-deployment challenges associated with defining the desired state for your applications.

### We want to hear from YOU

We’re hard at work building the best tool around to ensure your success deploying Kubernetes!

If you are willing to help, we would be immensely thankful if you: 

- Complete our in-app feedback form or reach out directly to our Product Manager at [](

- Join our [Discord Server]( to talk to our full team, including our engineers.

- Spread the news by following us on [Twitter]( 

- Add a star to our [Github](!

As always, Monokle is entirely free and open-source complete with an [MIT license]( [Download]( for macOS, Linux, and Windows - or get it directly from the [GitHub repository](

If you don’t want to install anything in your computer, connect to our Cloud offering: [Sign in]( You will need a Github account to access Monokle Cloud. Get started today ... !

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