Monokle Desktop 1.8.0 Release Notes

Jun 6, 2022
3 min
Christian Lete
Product Leader

Team Monokle is proud to announce version 1.8.0 - featuring Compare Anything (fka Cluster Compare), instant visibility, updated Helm support, and more.

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Try Monokle Desktop Today

Team Monokle is proud to announce version 1.8.0 of [Monokle by Kubeshop]( - an open-source desktop tool created to make all things related to Kubernetes manifests and resources simple. 

The main features of this release include: 

  • Compare Anything - a cool and useful option created by overhauling the original Diffing Panel
  • Instant visibility of used images and their metadata
  • Helm value interactions made easy by hover over pop-up window showing the value of any reference 

 We also improved the general user experience, largely based on your feedback. Thank you!  

Compare Anything - Literally!

<p>Today, we’re relaunching cluster compare as **Compare Anything**. </p>

While everyone seems to like comparing and deploying local resources to a cluster, we decided to take this a step further to provide optimal visibility for teams deploying at scale.

With Compare Anything, you can do just that! Easily compare resources from different sources across your entire environment with Monokle - a place where you can get the insights you need to manage Kubernetes resources at scale.

Compare Anything allows you to compare any two resource sets including:

  • Clusters in two separate regions to see how they differ.
  • Helm chart’s standalone and high-availability setups.
  • Production and development Kustomize overlays.
  • Helm and Kustomize Preview to troubleshoot migration.
Comparing Helm Resources in GUI

Full visibility of all used images and their metadata

  • Use the new image tab option from the left menu to list and view all images used across resources 
  • Highlight the images in the editor with the possibility to quickly select any image
  • Show image ref in the outgoing links pop-over
  • Refactoring functionality allos you to easily change the image tag across all related resources
  • Show information about the image from Docker hub
Adding tags to YAML File
Git enabled kubernetes deployment

Helm interactions: 

  • Scale usage of Helm templates and handle more cases with our improved highlighting of Values properties in your Helm templates.
  • Quickly preview the value references while working with Helm templates with our new hover-over feature. 
  • Values file link directly highlights and scrolls to the exact code line containing the property.

Save filter pre-sets for future use

When filtering the resources, you now have the option to save the current filter as a preset in order to load it again at a later time.

Save Kubernetes Manifest Files

UI/UX improvements: Header, Settings, & Shortcuts 

<p>We’ve redesigned the header of the application to make it easier to use and understand:</p>

  • While in local mode
Local Mode View
  • While previewing cluster resources (cluster mode)
Cluster Mode View Screenshot
  • While previewing the output of a Helm or Kustomize
Helm Management View

We separated the Settings panel into 3 tabs so you can navigate your projects accordingly:

Mode Selection Tools

And last but definitely not least, we created a panel showing all keyboard shortcuts so you can work faster and more comfortably.

keyboard shortcuts for controlling kubernetes

Other notable fixes & improvements

  • New keyboard shortcuts:
  • Ctrl/Cmd + R to reload cluster resources in Cluster Mode
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Backspace to delete the currently selected file or resource
  • Filter resources by multiple kinds

As always, you can download the release directly from our [website]( and get in touch to complain or praise the Monokle Team on our [Discord Server](

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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