Monokle Desktop 1.9.0 Release Notes

Jul 12, 2022
5 min
Cortney Nickerson
Developer Advocate

Monokle v1.9.0 is here! Our team is proud to share the latest features and updates including the new Search & Replace panel, UX updates, and more!

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Team Monokle is proud to announce version 1.9.0!

This release includes the new Find & Replace feature along with a long list of UX improvements - many of them suggested by Developers and DevOps professionals currently using and contributing to Monokle.

Get the details of what’s new with Monokle below and be sure to give us a star and feedback if you like our tool!

## Find & Replace

The new Find & Replace feature allows you to search for matches (and mismatches) throughout all of your files and resources. This lets you navigate file and resource matches pre deployment to ensure configuration is correct and ready to ship. You can also replace and manage files and resources by replacing them with new values-file and other inputs as needed. Scale changes across numerous files all at once or individually depending on your needs.

This feature is especially helpful for DevOps engineers who are tasked with configuration tasks across multiple applications. Say you would like to change all container ports to 8080, this functionality, allows you to do it across multiple files in one clean sweep.

Argo file editor

Navigate files, find matches, and replace them individually with the desired values-file or scale multiple replacements all at once according to your deployment needs.

To use Find & Replace to pinpoint specific files, click on the file folder to see the Advanced Search option located on the left hand side of the screen and select the Find & Replace option to begin searching resources.

ephemeral containers

## Color Code Cluster Environments for Better Differentiation

Troubleshooting and debugging config files and resources across multiple cluster environments can become confusing - especially when working to scale multiple deployments. Avoid making mistakes while working across multiple cluster environments by configuring a custom color for each of your cluster contexts to give clear visibility of each cluster and the associated manifest files, resources, and objects.

By assigning a color to each cluster environment, you can see which cluster you’re using when deploying, diffing, and previewing your cluster configuration files.

customize dashboard color

Assign a different color to each of your cluster contexts. Have full visibility of which cluster is being used to navigate pre-deployment configuration tasks with ease.

## List details images and its relationships

A dialogue box now appears to help users navigate to the position of the image field of all Kubernetes objects using a specific target image allowing you to clearly see how many images are included in each project.

cluster mode view for k8s

View image details and enjoy direct access to image links for quicker and easier issue resolution prior to deployment.

## Status and Violation Icons for OPA Rules

Improving the capabilities and usability of our OPA rules is a priority at Monokle. We believe in driving security and best practices across the board which is why we’ve made it easier to view the number of OPA rules activated at any given time.

See the current status and any violations of activated rules in real-time to ensure adjustments are made before sending applications into production.

navigator tab screenshot

Improved visibility of OPA rules can be found at the top of the Monokle Navigator.

Clearly see OPA violations in real-time allowing basic security and other defined practices to be reviewed pre-deployment.

cluster policy toggles

## Find available docker images on your manifest within the Form editor

Now,  Resource and Template Forms, in the form editor, use a search field. This allows you to search for all existing images in your project.

Save time and avoid the need to remember which image was used. Just use the search bar and find them.

docker image storage

Image fields are now complete with access to resource links and exact file location.

## Additional validation types included on validation tab/panel

Monokle has always applied various types of validation to resources. Now, this process has become more streamlined.

Take control of your validation needs by selecting the exact validation type(s) needed. Apply them to each resource for faster management of validation workflows and a deeper understanding and visibility of the validation functionalities across cluster resources.

resource validation dashboard

## New designed first time user view

For first time users, our launch page has been redesigned making it quick and easy to get started with Monokle.

Begin a new project by selecting a folder with Kubernetes resources, create a project from scratch, or fill in some basic information on a ready made template.

Leveraging Monokle has never been easier!

kubernetes one click deployment

## New File and Duplicate File Actions

Improve workflows with new file management functions. From the dropdown menu, you can now create new files and duplicate files which allow you to work faster and smarter.

manage argo files in dashboard

## Autosave indicator

We all have tragic stories of working terribly hard on something only to have it not save. In an attempt to ensure that Monokle is never the protagonist of this type of story, we have added an autosave function. You can see the “Saved” indication on the toolbar at the top of the page which will help improve feedback while editing files and resources.

save function

## Other notable changes

Delete action for recent projects has been added to the home screen so you can easily remove recent projects to make room for new projects as needed.

A feedback form has been added. We hope you’ll complete it and help us on our mission to improve Monokle by answering a few questions.

As always, you can download the release directly from our [website]( and get in touch to complain or praise the Monokle Team on our [Discord Server](

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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