Monokle Desktop v1.10 Release Notes

Aug 10, 2022
4 min
Sergio Ocón Cárdenas
Product Manager

It's our first birthday! To celebrate, Monokle v1.10.0 is making cluster operations easier, faster, and more manageable.

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Cluster operations just got a lot easier. 

In this release, our team put the spotlight on implementing extensive features for easier and more manageable cluster ops.

## Anniversary

Thanks to the support and feedback of our users, Monokle is excited to announce that this week marks the one-year anniversary of our open source project!

Our first year has been quite the adventure. With just over 540 Github stars, what started out as a simple project looking to make YAML herding and manifest management easier, has now grown into a full-blown tool with a diverse set of features to help streamline and simplify all pre-deployment tasks so your application can get up and running on Kubernetes in record time. 

Our team is working daily to make life easier for DevOps, Platform Engineers, Helm and Kustomize users, and anybody else looking to improve the quality of their deployments.

We’re beyond grateful to those of you who have provided us feedback this past year and we hope to receive more insight and suggestions from everyone in the year to come. Our goal is to build a tool that solves your daily problems in a fast and straightforward way.

## Feedback Form

Would you like to help us build a better tool for you? 

Complete our [feedback form]( directly in Monokle or reach out to our Product Manager at [](

Software Birthday of 1 year

## Terminal

Access the terminal and perform needed editions without leaving Monokle. 

Via the ‘Terminal Pain’ located at the bottom of the left side menu, gain insight and access to make changes directly to the command line in Monokle. 

By reducing the number of context switches needed to manage your configuration files, you can increase productivity and deployment quality in one clean sweep. 

Open multiple terminals with different shells, customize the font size, and hide or kill processes as needed.

changes made to our file management software

## Open Shell into Pod

Connect to the pod directly by opening a Shell in cluster mode.

While you’re in Cluster Mode, open the Context Menu (3 blue dots) on a Pod object and gain full visibility of a `Shell`option.  

Added shell file breakdown

Clicking on it will open a new Terminal tab with a shell for that Pod:

shell and pod control in kubernetes

## Live Logs Tab

Sometimes you need to see your logs to debug a failed configuration task or to make sure that everything is ok before deploying your application.

Now, you can view the live logs from Pods via Cluster Mode. By selecting a Pod object you can navigate to the Logs Tab and debug, validate, or simply double check all logs and config files. 

debug console

## Age & Status

Understanding the last time an object was modified can reduce the time spent finding configuration problems. 

While in Cluster Mode, if you’re hovering over the information icon of an object, you’ll see a small popup which tells you the age and the status of that object.

age snapshot

## Scale & Restart Actions

While in Cluster Mode, when selecting a Deployment, you now have two new action buttons: Scale & Restart. Use those buttons to quickly run the `kubectl scale …` and  `kubectl rollout restart …` commands in the background.

git cluster control

## Edit any text file

Before v1.10.0, you could only edit YAML files in Monokle. Now, we’ve added support for editing any text file. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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