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Announcing Monokle Cloud: The Kubernetes Configuration Control Plane You’ve Been Waiting For

Jun 21, 2023
3 mins
Ole Lensmar

Integrate Policy Management with a Kubernetes IDE to change towards zero misconfigurations.

Announcing Monokle Cloud: The Kubernetes Configuration Control Plane You’ve Been Waiting For
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Get started with Monokle today

Get started with Monokle today

The Monokle team is proud to announce the official release of Monokle Cloud, a browser-based  Kubernetes configuration control plane that helps platform engineers and their teams boost the quality of their Kubernetes deployments. Monokle Cloud brings centralized policy management, extensible real-time configuration validations, misconfiguration-aware code editing, and tight GitHub integration to any k8s configuration workflow, empowering teams to create and deploy high-quality K8s configurations across the entire application lifecycle.

Why Monokle Cloud?

Kubernetes adoption is spreading far and wide, and while it promises the possibility of scaling operations, it doesn’t promise that usage will be easy. Kubernetes adoption comes with a steep learning curve that many teams struggle to manage. A good example of this is providing consistent high-quality deployment configurations throughout the cloud-native CI/CD pipeline.

According to the latest RedHat State of Kubernetes Security Report, 93% of environments had at least one security incident and 53% of those were related to detecting misconfiguration which in the worst cases led to a loss of revenue and customers. Attaining a high rate of success when deploying configurations to Kubernetes is a difficult and time-consuming task with tooling falling behind in attempts to help bridge the Developer learning curve between operational demands and business objectives driving the adoption of Kubernetes at scale. The lack of interactive troubleshooting offered by most tools makes it difficult to check the wide array of key validations in a timely fashion often leaving both dev teams and ops teams frustrated as issues delay deployments, cause security issues, and most often have to be tracked down using tools that validate in cluster leading to insecure clusters, loss of time, and ultimately a loss of revenue.

For most enterprises, this problem is only getting worse as the complexity of Kubernetes has brought to light how low-quality deployments in Kubernetes increase security concerns and business criticality. By empowering the right people, mainly platform engineers and system architects, to provide guardrails for their engineering teams to do their job successfully and increase security awareness across all stakeholders earlier on in the configuration process, Monokle Cloud provides a clear solution to this ever-growing problem.

Key Features of Monokle Cloud

Configuration Guardrails with Extensive Rule Library and Custom Rules

With over 100 built-in rules, Monokle Cloud can apply configuration guardrails using a wide range of best practices and standards, including the official Pod Security Standards and security frameworks such as the Kubernetes Hardening Guidance by the NSA and CISA. Teams can further create custom rules, tailoring them to their unique project requirements for an unparalleled Developer Experience (DX) and optimized development process.

Real-time Misconfiguration Detection

Thanks to our interactive tooling and GitHub integration, Monokle Cloud provides real and build-time identification and context around resource misconfigurations. By catching configuration errors early in CI/CD pipelines, teams can ensure safer deployments and reduce the risk of having critical issues being left undetected until they are live in your cluster. 

Edit with Kubernetes Intelligence

Monokles browser-based editing environment is purpose-built for Kubernetes configuration development and validation. Equipped with enhanced Kubernetes capabilities, it offers intelligent code completion, real-time misconfiguration detection, and comprehensive k8s documentation at your fingertips. Users can create ks8 configurations with confidence, knowing they have a robust development environment.

Helm and Kustomize Support

To support advanced configuration scenarios and GitOps pipelines, Monokle Cloud supports both Helm and Kustomize, allowing engineers to perform dry-runs directly within the browser and as part of their GitHub workflows. Users can interactively visualize and validate generated configurations, minimizing surprises and optimizing deployment processes.

Experience the Future of Kubernetes Configuration management with Monokle Cloud

Discover the true potential of Kubernetes and cloud-native development with our first-of-its-kind K8s configuration control plane - get started at to configure your first repository with configuration guardrails in minutes. Get to know what we offer by following our release updates and exploring our documentation.

Availability and Pricing

Monokle Cloud is free with community support for up to 5 users. Additional users cost $20/month/user which includes dedicated support. For enterprises looking to get started with Monokle Cloud and/or an on-prem solution, don’t hesitate to contact us for information about custom pricing. Technical support, user feedback, and general questions relating to Monokle can be directed to our team via Discord.

Commercial or custom pricing inquiries: 

Ole Lensmar - Founder & CTO:

About the Monokle Project

Monokle is a project deeply rooted in open source. What started as a simple project looking to empower Developers on their Kubernetes journey by simplifying the creation, validation, and successful deployment of YAML manifests has now turned into a tool suite composed of Monokle Cloud, Monokle Desktop, and Monokle CLI. At Monokle, we love YAML so you don’t have to and validation and best practices are at the heart of everything we do.

Want to discover more?

Visit today or check out our GitHub repository to download Monokle Desktop or get involved. You can also stay up to date regarding new feature releases, events, and other news by joining the Monokle Community on Discord, connecting with our team on LinkedIn, following us on Twitter, or by subscribing to our newsletter.

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