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Monokle Desktop 2.4 Release Notes

Sep 28, 2023
2 min
Catalin Hoha
Software Engineer

We’re proud to announce the release of Monokle Desktop version 2.4 which brings with it seamless synchronization between Monokle Desktop and Monokle Cloud.

Monokle Desktop 2.4 Release Notes
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Table of Contents

Get started with Monokle today

Get started with Monokle today

Monokle Cloud Integration: Policy Made Simple

As the adoption of Monokle Cloud and the integration of policy enforcement continues to grow among Monokle users, we have worked to provide seamless integration of Cloud into Monokle Desktop. Our goal is to provide our users with the ability to define Kubernetes configuration policies to help teams attain consistent, secure, and compliant application deployments every time.

In understanding the need to bring this consistent validation experience to Monokle Desktop, we've incorporated the "Sync with Cloud" feature. Users now have the ability to define a singular policy per project. This policy serves as the guiding principle for Kubernetes resource validation across all repositories linked to that particular project. Here's how it works:

  • Sync with Cloud: Found under Settings, this new option showcases a 'Connect' button. Once connected, Monokle intuitively launches the default Cloud browser on the user’s machine for an effortless Monokle Cloud login.
Attain consistent, secure, and compliant application deployments with Monokle.

  • Automated Policy Application: After establishing the initial connection, each time you access a repository via Desktop that's also part of a Cloud project, it will automatically use the validation policy previously established in Monokle Cloud. This ensures uniformity and adherence to standards across platforms.
  • Cloud Connection Indicator: To make it more user-friendly, we've positioned a brand-new icon in the application header. This icon acts as an informative indicator about the Cloud connection status, ensuring you're always in the know.

Thanks to the support and feedback from our community, apart from the integration with Monokle Cloud, our 2.4 Desktop release also boasts a few more updates including some minor bug fixes, enhancements, and subtle UI improvements for a smoother, glitch-free experience.

Extension Update: Sync Feature Now in Monokle VS Code Extension

We're not stopping with Desktop. In our continuous effort to embed synchronicity across all tools in the Monokle ecosystem, we're thrilled to announce that the ‘Sync’ feature has also been integrated into our Monokle VS Code extension

Now, every developer, DevOps expert, SRE, and platform engineer can benefit from real-time synchronized validation.

How to get started

From code to cluster, Monokle helps streamline your Kubernetes deployments to achieve high-quality Kubernetes configurations throughout the complete application lifecycle. Remember, the Monokle mission remains - making YAML simpler as we pave the road to zero deployment misconfigurations.

Get started by signing in to Monokle Cloud or stop by our Monokle Github repo to download any of our open source tools including Monokle Desktop 2.4, Monokle CLI, or Monokle VS Code Extension and join our ever-expanding community on Discord.

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