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Monokle Monthly Newsletter - June 2023

Jun 30, 2023
3 mins
Cortney Nickerson
Developer Advocate

Our Monokle Team is proud to announce new releases and updates for both Monokle Cloud & Desktop!

Monokle Monthly Newsletter - June 2023
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Table of Contents

Get started with Monokle today

Get started with Monokle today

If you’re not already in our Discord, join us here to talk all things Monokle.

What’s new for Monokle?🧐

Say hello to Monokle Cloud!

The Configuration Control Plane you’ve been waiting for is finally here.

The excitement of our team was palpable last week when we announced the official launch of Monokle Cloud, our browser-based configuration control plane that aims to integrate policy management with a Kubernetes-aware IDE to change towards zero misconfigurations. 

Monokle continues to focus on empowering teams to create and deploy high-quality Kubernetes configurations across the entire application lifecycle by placing validation at the heart of everything we do.

To this point, Monokle Cloud boasts real-time configuration validations, misconfiguration-aware code editing, and tight GitHub integration with an interactive collaboration feature for better communication making it an easy fit for any K8s configuration workflow.

We’re looking for feedback

Our team is looking for small groups of users to sign in to Monokle Cloud, follow our getting started guide to configure your GitHub bot, create your first workspace, add a project, invite a few friends to collaborate on the project with you, and finally create your first pull request to provide insights on how we can make the initial onboarding processes simpler and easier.

Interested in collaborating with us? Contact Cortney directly to discuss what we’re looking for and what’s in it for you!

Monokle Desktop v2.2 is live!

Despite all hands on deck for the Cloud launch, we still managed to roll out some new features for our open source project Monokle Desktop. New project features include:

  • AI-assisted YAML manifest creation for faster, easier resource creation
  • Helm Explorer which provides a way to discover and install Helm Charts
  • Enhanced Cluster features including enhanced log readability, Cluster Management 
  • Quick Actions, and addition of Graph View to Cluster Dashboard

Check out our release notes for all the details and as always, if you have suggestions or comments or are interested in contributing to the Monokle Desktop open source project, reach out to our team on Discord.

What’s coming?

- Monokle Cloud: VS Code Extension, private custom plugins & UX updates.

We're working to make it even easier to leverage the power of Monokle Cloud to provide guardrails for teams by creating a VS Code extension. This extension will highlight misconfigurations directly in your editor ultimately making it easier for teams to incorporate the power of Monokle Cloud into workflows to get to the value of seeing changes and your PR faster.

We'll also be supercharging the DevEx by working to better onboarding, and policy usage, and by providing custom plugins to accompany the recent upgrades in the core plugins.

- A more powerful version of Desktop – especially for Helm users.

We know that the entire cloud native community is always looking for ways to make working with Helm charts easier. With continued improvements to our Cluster Mode feature (events, actions, helm charts, etc), we will make creating and editing Helm charts and seeing the output in-cluster easier than even before. 

Do you have a specific feature you'd like us to build? Book a 30 min meeting with us or chat with our team and let us know your needs via Discord.

Community & Events 

Monokle Monthly Community Call

On the final Tuesday of each month, our team hosts a short live stream event to share our work, collaborations, and monthly progress with our user community and answer any questions you might have.

Check out our latest episode and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube for Community Call updates.

YAML-fest: 15 minutes of Kubernetes FUN!

On Thursday, June 29th we were joined by special guest Brad McCoy who helped us kick off a new livestream community event -- YAML-fest: 15 minutes of Kubernetes FUN!

Brad is a CD Foundation Board Member, CNCF Ambassador, Keptn Maintainer, and leads the Technical Steering Committee and Comms for the Kubernetes 1.28 release. In this inaugural episode, Brad shared some insightful and entertaining stories about his journey as a platform engineer learning to use policies as guardrails in workflows to empower his team.

We hope you enjoy this series and encourage you to share your thoughts about whom you’d like us to invite for future sessions and what topics you’d like them to discuss via Discord.

Good Reads

Guardrails Can Be the Common Language to Bring Dev and Ops Together by Cortney Nickerson

Validate and Deploy Rancher-managed Clusters with Monokle by Sonali Srivastava

Tell👏us👏 like👏it👏is!

Do you have a specific use case you'd like us to cover? Book a 30 min meeting with us or chat with our team via Discord.

We’re always looking for reasons to give away some swag!

  • Complete our in-app feedback form. Include your email or help us complete any task marked as a good first issue. Get a Monokle sticker!
  • Create a new feature request on GitHub, share your insights and experience using Monokle, or join our Discord community and start a conversation with us. Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers!
  • Book a 30 min meeting with our team. Tell us what you think about our latest release. Get a Monokle T-shirt + stickers + PLUSHIE!!

Until next time, happy YAML-ing!

Cortney Nickerson | Developer Advocate for Monokle by Kubeshop 

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